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Sawyer Jade: Blog Editor-in-Chief, Junior Photographer-in-training. Needs to learn to use the potty first.


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How to up-level your brand.. It’s such a buzz phrase in the creative industry. Building a strong brand is so much more important to run a successful business than people realize.  When we first started, we were CONFIDENT in our photos and thought couples would fall in love and want to hire us.  SPOILER ALERT: […]

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Instagram seems to be the bane of existence for small business owners! It can feel really hard to “crack” the algorithm. After years of trying various techniques on the platform, we have figured out a few key tips that really help your engagement and growth on Instagram for photographers.  Check out guides for photographers! 1. […]

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Do you need posing tips for couples you photograph?! It can definitely be hard to remember lighting, composition, client experience, AND amazing posing! Once you have a system down it will be much easier. Today we are going to give you five quick tips to make your clients look AMAZING in every photograph.  Related: How […]

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We get asked the question a lot: what are the best lenses for wedding photography? We go over everything in our bag here, but we definitely have favorites! Wedding photography requires a specific arsenal of lenses but we shoot predominantly with prime lenses.  85 mm 1.4 This is hands down our favorite lens. The compression […]