How to be the BEST Bridesmaid by Chelsey & Jordan Photography

Being a bridesmaid is such a big honor! Your friend has asked you to stand by her side… now you’re probably wondering what you can do to help her make her time from now until she’s standing at the altar as easy and stress-free as possible. Here are three tips to help you be the absolute best bridesmaid that you can be to your friend who has given you such a huge and exciting job! 

Number 1: Offer to Take Some Tasks

Chances are, the bride will not ask you to help her with very much. However, she could probably really use it! Try to find what you’re best at and offer to help with specific wedding-related tasks. Are you super creative? Maybe offer to help her find a great calligrapher and paper goods company. Super organized? Offer to make a spreadsheet of all bridesmaid related dates and meet-ups. Any little bit helps when you’re getting married and the bride will DEFINITELY appreciate your willingness to help. 

Number 2: Encourage All the Bridesmaids to Help With the Shower & Bachelorette Party 

It’s really difficult for the maid of honor to do ALL the planning for events, so encouraging others to help is so great! You could offer to split tasks among the women or help collect money to fund the events. The MOH and the bride would be thankful that you stepped up and encouraged all of the women to participate. Some examples of tasks you can help with include ordering and collecting money for the t-shirts at the bachelorette party and making the mimosa bar for the shower! These little things add up. 

Number 3: Don’t Make it About You 

While you’re definitely donating time and money to participate in a wedding, at the end of the day it isn’t about you. If you hate your hair/makeup, your dress isn’t your preferred style, and they opt for a dry wedding, it is NOT your place to complain- even if it’s not in front of the bride. She asked you to stand next to her because she values your friendship. This is the time to put aside your personal preferences and put on a smile! Positivity breeds happiness and the bride deserves that!

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How to Be a Great Bridesmaid
How to Be a Great Bridesmaid
How to Be a Great Bridesmaid
How to Be a Great Bridesmaid
How to Be a Great Bridesmaid
How to Be a Great Bridesmaid
How to Be a Great Bridesmaid
How to Be a Great Bridesmaid

How to Be a Great Bridesmaid

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