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frequently asked questions

What is your
photography "Style"?

Do you shoot film or digital photos?

Do you travel for weddings & engagement sessions?

We don't consider our editing style 'Bright & Airy' or 'Dark & Moody,' but rather genuine and true to life. These two elements make our photos sure to look and feel just as beautiful today as they will 80 years from now.

Both! We are what's called "hybrid" photographers, capturing moments in both film and digital formats. Both your film and digital images will be delivered in the same online gallery. Ask us more about this if you're interested in what the difference is!

Yes, Yes, Yes! We aren't JUST Cincinnati wedding photographers. We love to travel for engagement sessions and weddings, especially if it's to a new place, or to one of our favorite places. 

why do you include albums in every collection? 

How should we print our photos?

When can we expect our photos to be ready?

Keepsake albums become those family heirlooms that generations of relatives can preserve for years. If you've ever looked through your grandparents old wedding albums, you know exactly what we're talking about. A wedding album lets you transport your children, grandchildren, and even you and your partner back to one of the most special days of your life.

You can easily order high definition prints directly from your online gallery, and are delivered right to your door! The quality of these prints have been approved in-person by us, and are much better quality than you can expect to get at CVS or WalMart. Print purchases are available immediately after receiving your gallery and are available for all of your friends and family as well.

Being a married couple, we know how badly you want to see your photos after the wedding! For this reason, we do everything we can to get your gallery delivered to you as soon as possible. Our current turnaround time for photo delivery is 4 weeks – well under industry standard, and just enough time for you to get back and rested from your honeymoon!